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From: Libnos
Subject: Heart's Desire-3 HEART'S DESIRE - 3 By Agena
Our Friday night get-togethers continued with the same scenario for a few
more weeks. She would first entice me into a spanking to establish my
libido and her control over it. If I didn't cum when she spanked me she had
me masturbate. Then I had Preteen Sex Videos to lick up my cum when my libido was at its
lowest. At first licking up my cum caused some nausea it but eventually it
became easier to do. Then I began to look forward to eating it. She
withheld her pussy from my cock and never let me fuck her. Her excuse was
that she was a virgin and wanted to save her hymen for her future husband.Every time I ate my cum she would ask if I liked it. I remembered the first
time I ate it and thought how terrible it tasted but did it as a submissive
gesture to her. As she continued to have me eat my cum it slowly became a
trigger for renewing my libido. I began Preteen Sex Videos to look forward to eating my cum
and after awhile I told her I liked the taste when she asked me. This
seemed to make her happy.One Friday night she had me masturbate and cum all over her pussy and then
had me lick it up and drive her to an orgasm. By combining my two favorite
fetishes; eating pussy and cum at the same time, it provided a bigger boost
to my libido even though I'd just cum. From then on she had me repeat this
until it became a ritual part of our love making. I began to associate
eating her with the taste of cum. Our mixed juices was like a sweet nectar
and after awhile I couldn't get enough of it.About this time I noticed her on campus walking with another guy. He had a
very athletic build and after asking around I found out he was on the swim
team. She started hanging with him but we still kept our Friday evening
get-togethers. I was feeling jealous and when I asked her about him she
just said he was a friend. Later, I found she was spending Saturday
evenings with him. I didn't know what was going on. She also began to wear
tighter clothing that revealed her lovely female shape that I thought was
my secret. When I found she'd shaved her pubic hair I knew something was
up. She didn't bother to explain why she'd shaved it, and I didn't want to
offend her by asking. But our encounters were suddenly more active as I
loved the look and feel of her pussy without hair in the way. My tongue and
lips enjoyed the sensuous feel of her pussy as we did our weekly ritual.Then one Friday, as we were leaving our mutual class, she told me she would
be over to my place much later than usual that night as she had something
she needed to do first. My first reaction was one of disappointment but she
patted my cheek and told me she still needed me so I felt better.It was about ten o'clock when she finally arrived at my place. She didn't
say how she got to my place and I didn't ask. I was just so glad to see
her. She went over, as she normally did, and sat on a kitchen chair and I
stripped and lay across her lap. After giving me a spanking with a
hairbrush to arouse me she slipped off her jeans and panties. Sitting on
the sofa with her legs spread she instructed me to masturbate on her bare
pussy as usual. Looking down at Preteen Sex Videos her I saw the lips of her pussy were red
and swollen. There appeared to be a cummy looking seepage from her
partially open slit and the area around her pussy seemed to be shiny with
cum. I felt nauseous looking at it."Go ahead Ryan. Masturbate on it and then you can lick it all up."I still hesitated and told her. "I thought you were a virgin.""There have been some changes, Ryan. If you want to keep licking my vagina
you're going to have to accept those changes."Still looking at her crotch with misgiving I stepped between her legs and
began to slowly masturbate."I'll tell you what, Ryan. I'll help you but you've got to promise that
after you have your orgasm you'll get down and lick it all up right
away. Will you do that?" she asked as she pushed my hand away and placed
her hands on on my rigid cock. This was the first time she'd ever touched
me there and my response was a loud groan."Tell me Ryan. Will you do it?""Yes. Oh yes!" I groaned again and then erupted as she directed my cum on
to her bare slit."Do it Ryan. Do it." she told me and my knees collapsed and then I found my
face in the slimy mess that was her cunt and began to do my ritualistic
cleansing. I ravenously devoured my cum from her crotch and then began to
dive into her slit with my tongue. The puffy lips of her sex were loose and
sloppy and I easily gained access to her inner sex. The taste subtly
changed and I was able to extract a large gob of what smelled like semen
that mixed with her cum that was now freely running down my chin. Her hands
pressed down on my head and her hips bucked up against my face as I
continued my assault on her passion pit.She groaned in ecstasy. "Oh yes, Ryan! Oh yes! Eat it. Eat it. Suck Preteen Sex Videos it all
up."I knew that I was eating someone else semen but I didn't care anymore. My
cock was hard and throbbing and my libido was soaring in my quest for some
sort of fulfillment. She was having multiple orgasms and her thighs tightly
gripped my head in reaction, her body was arched rigidly in
passion. Finally, she fell back on the couch and as her thighs slackened
she pushed me away."Oh Ryan. That was glorious. The best you've ever done. You must have been
really turned on." she exclaimed as she tried to catch her breathe. "Did
it taste different tonight?"Stopping as I licked my lips of the mixture of cum and her spend I
responded, "Yes, a little different." "Did you know you were eating my
boyfriends cum? He fucked me before I came over tonight.""I knew." I admitted, realizing I was admitting to a total depravity."You must have really liked it, didn't you?""Yes." I whispered in embarrassment."Maybe I'll bring him over next time so you could meet him. Would you mind?
He has such a nice big cock.""No." I whispered back. I don't know why I responded that way but my cock
was still rigidly protruding from my groin and my libido must have betrayed
me again. I was suddenly picturing a big, cut cock in my mind and I'd never
done that before.After that I dressed and cleaned my face, then drove her back to her
dorm. When I got back to my room I jacked off again in solitude.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
The following week began with nervousness as I thought about what I'd
committed to for Preteen Sex Videos
or next Friday get-together. I was still not masturbating
during the week at her instructions so Preteen Sex Videos my libido grew during the week I
began to anticipate something different happening at our next session.Friday evening finally came and about 7PM and she showed up with Jason. He
was tall, over six foot, with the body of swimmer. He was an awesome
physical specimen and I could see why she was attracted to him. We shook
hands and entered my dorm room. Things were a little awkward at first . I
was embarrassed because I didn't know what she'd told him about me, but
after a couple of glasses of wine we began to mellow out and Jen gave me a
DVD to put on. After putting it on she waved me to a seat beside her on the
sofa.The DVD was about two a tryst between a man and two girls and it soon gave
us two guys obvious erections. It Preteen Sex Videos was a little harder to discern whether
Jen was aroused but her soft panting gave evidence that she was enjoying
the erotic show. When a close up came of one of the girls with the man's
cock in her mouth Jason's hand grabbed his own cock through his jeans and
began to rub it. I was awed by the size of it as it was outlined under the
cloth. This triggered Jen to begin to rub the the crotch of her jeans. I
was a little circumspect about the manipulations of my erection by just
using one finger to rub along the length of it. Eventually the scene in the
action on the TV showed one girl still sucking the cock while the guy ate
the other girl. Closeup shots just made us hotter.Jen suddenly reached over and began to unzip Jason's fly; having difficulty
getting it open over his large package but eventually she succeeded and
worked his cock free of its confines. It thrust obscenely from his groin as
she took over the job of rubbing it with one hand as she continued the
ministrations of her crotch with the other. Then she turned to me.Why don't you get undressed Ryan?"I was shocked. I didn't want to get undressed by myself."Go ahead Ryan. Get undressed." she commanded.Against my better judgement I began to slowly unbutton my shirt after
removing my shoes and socks. She suddenly took both her hands and began to
remove her blouse. As I took off my shirt she removed her exposing her
braless breasts Preteen Sex Videos to the gaze of jason and myself. They weren't too big but
the lovely pink nipples enhanced their lovely contours and I had an urge to
suckle them. Jason sat there with a slight smile on his lips lightly
rubbing his cock watching us disrobe.We slipped off Preteen Sex Videos our jeans together and then our underwear. I was treated to
the sight of her delectable pussy once again and had to restrain myself
from groveling in it with my tongue. She then took my hand and pulled me
down on the floor by Jason's feet."Give me a hand." she said as she reached up and began to undo his belt
buckle. I got on the other side of Jason and helped her pull off his jeans
and then his boxers, exposing a hairless lower body. I stared at his
rampant erection and tight, hairless balls and crotch."Doesn't it look delectable Ryan?" she asked. "He shaves off all his body
hair for swimming."I wasn't sure it looked delectable but the size of his cock Preteen Sex Videos and the balls
under it were awesome. She slipped between his knees and reached up and
took it with one hand and used her other to bring me closer."Now watch this." she told me as she brought her mouth down on the bulbous,
purple head and began to lick it and then slipped her small mouth over it
to lave it with her tongue. Jason groaned lightly and threw back his
head. She stopped and looked at me."See how nice it is. I get such a feeling of empowerment when I do
that. Now get a little closer and I'll show you something else."Why was she doing this? I was confused but I moved in closer to her as she
slipped out from between his knees and gently urged me in her place. It
felt weird being this close to another guys cock. However, she reached over
from the side and took the cock in her mouth again and began to ride up
lips up and down on it. I was mesmerized with the sight of her working it
with her mouth. She place one hand around it and began to fondle my cock
with the other. I groaned together with Jason as I felt my libido take off.She stopped and removed her mouth from his erection and placed her hand at
the back of my head."Help me, Ryan." she urged as she pressed on the back of my head and
resumed licking the head of his cock.I tried to resist but she removed her hand from his cock and resumed her
stroking of mine. I felt a Preteen Sex Videos rush toward orgasm as pressed harder on the back
of my head she said."Do it for me, Ryan. Do it. Kiss it."She was working one side of the large purple head and the sight was so
erotic that I brought my head down and joined her with my lips on the other
side. We moved our lips toward one another and met with Jason's cock shared
between us. Jason gave a loud moan of appreciation and placed his hands on
our heads.I felt Jen's lips slipping away and then her voice came in my ear as I was
left alone with the head of Jason's cock in my mouth."Do it Ryan. Suck it. Do it for me." . I was tasting another man's precum
for the first time and with the urging of her hand and his on the back of
my head I began to take it further inside my mouth until it hit the back of
my throat."Oh god! Its so sexy." I heard Jen moan as she continued to lightly fondle
my cock.I began to work my head up and down the shaft while gripping it tightly
with my lips and working my tongue against it. Jason began twisting and
moaning louder and I began to feel the empowerment that Jen had
mentioned. It drove me on faster Preteen Sex Videos and faster trying to seek a strange
fulfillment Preteen Sex Videos in my deviant behavior. Jen was increasing the stroking of my
cock as well and just as I was about to explode Jason erupted in my mouth
with a roar. I eagerly sucked and swallowed his cum as my own release came
immediately after his. My cum spewed all over Jen's hand and the front of
the sofa as Jason's cock began to soften in my mouth. My libido remained at
a high level due to her training and I continued to lick and suck his
diminished member as mine remained firm. Finally, he pushed me away and I
fell back on my ass with the familiar taste and feel of cum in my
mouth. Only this time it wasn't mine."Oh, that was so sexy Ryan. Did you like being a cocksucker?"Her question hammered in my brain as the shock of what she'd said reminded
me that this wasn't a fantasy. I'd actually sucked another guy's cock and
I'd enjoyed it. I lay on the floor stunned as she continued."Do you want to do it again?" Do you think you're gay now?""I don't know." I finally gasped out."You can think about it this weekend and give me a response on
Monday. Jason and I have to go now."After they left I went to bed and lay awake a long time thinking about what
had happened. Was I gay now?" I didn't know but I didn't think I would mind
doing it again if the opportunity arose. Maybe I was gay now.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++My life went on as before except Jason became part of our Friday night
rituals and I became more enamored of his cock and his cum. My love of
eating pussy remained high so they shared my mouth on those occasions.Finally, the summer approached and it was time to discontinue our
activities. I knew that I would miss our Friday nights and wondered how I
would cope without them. Before we parted Jen told me that she had received
an A+ in a paper she'd written for her psyche class describing the
experiment in deviant and submissive behavior she'd conducted utilizing me
as her guinea pig. I think I cried but didn't know why.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The end.(?)
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